Fair Tax Coalition applauds ‘Expert Panel’ report on business taxation

NEWS RELEASE: Fair Tax Coalition applauds ‘Expert Panel’ report on business taxation. Vancouver, B.C. (October 1, 2012) - The Vancouver Fair Tax Coalition (VFTC) today commends the Ministry of Finance’s “Expert Panel on Business Taxation” on its first steps to restore balance and competitiveness to municipal property tax rates. ...Read more

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In the last 13 years, there has been a net gain of only 46 business licences in Vancouver.

Only 46! This stands in sharp contrast to the over 50,000 new housing starts and a very healthy population growth of 83,267 during the same period

All great cities need a thriving business community and vibrant residential neighbourhoods. Great cities need to attract new businesses – large and small – and ensure existing businesses prosper. This can only be achieved if city policies balance the needs of both residents and businesses.

As residents, you don't often get to hear the business perspective.

Higher property taxes are a burden on businesses. Vancouver businesses pay property tax at more than five times the rate of residents, well above the regional average of 3.5:1.

As business owners, we want to pay our fair share of taxes.

We are proud of our city and want Vancouver to be known as the best place in Canada to do business.